Kyoto Garden Landscaping


I have over 30 years experience as a residential and commercial gardener and landscaper in japan and in the lower mainland.

I take pride in providing guality work that blends gardens with balance and harmony. 

If you would you like an extra japanese Bonsai purnig for Pine and Maple of couse LANDSCAPING and Hedge too.


Please do not hesitate contact me


Kyoto Garden Landscaping offers unique Japanese style landscape design and Japanese style garden design, a professional service company that enhances the environment that we share in Vancouver  area is covered as our main locale of Japanese landscape and garden design & construction service,

A complete Japanese landscape design to Japanese garden maintenance, construction and design services firm.

Over 30 years of experience, Kyoto Garden Landscaping offers a progressive style and look in Japanese style garden landscaping design and architecture either in traditional style or a mix with contemporay styled design.

Zens landscape design is the ultimate achievement in simplicity, dignity, tranquility and grace in its design.

Our landscaping & gardening service contrives to display the balance of nature using many elements to create a setting of absolute peace and tranquility, making a clear and unique statement!

Kyoto Garden Landscaping

Kyoto Garden Landscaping